4 Признака того, что вы едите слишком много соли.

High sodium intake can cause serious harm to your health. Here are the first four signs that you should reduce salt intake before the situation worsens.

A photo. Slightly less, please. Salt (illustration: shutterstock)

Salt is an important fragment in the kitchen, there is hardly any recipe that does not include it, and we must admit that the food with it is much tastier. But at the same time, we know that this is not the healthiest for us and most of us consume too much salt.

Salt affects a person much more than we think. Various studies show that the effects of excess sodium in the body are extensive and affect many processes in our body, including: an increased risk of obesity, hypertension, and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones, and more.

The recommended daily intake of sodium is 1500 milligrams, but most of us eat much more, almost three times more. The problem lies mainly in salt, which exists primarily in processed foods that we buy and eat, and in less salt, which we actively add to our food when cooking or eating.

1. Food always seems not salty.

Our sky tends to very quickly adapt to salt, and the more we eat salty foods, the more the body gets used to it, and begins to consume more salt. Impossible to argue with the gastronomic benefits of salt, it really improves the taste of many products, mainly due to its ability to neutralize bitterness. That&#8217,s why you sprinkle a little salt on vegetables, which greatly improves their taste for some people. But, as mentioned above, if you overdo it with salt, it will eventually break your taste glands, and as a result, food with sufficient salt content will suddenly become salty for you.

2. You feel bloated.

Increased sodium intake can cause a sudden increase in your weight, because it causes tissue

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организма накапливать жидкости. Задержка жидкости может вызвать увеличение веса и отек в пальцах и вокруг глаз – еще один признак, который следует запомнить. Эти симптомы становятся более распространенными после потребления натрия в среднем возрасте и за его пределами.

3. Головные боли.

Если вы время от времени страдаете головными болями, которые не имеют очевидной причины, вы должны заметить, если они проявляются после приема пищи с относительно высоким содержанием натрия. Высокое потребление соли может привести к расширению кровеносных сосудов в мозгу и вызвать головные боли.

4. Вы много бегаете в туалет.

A study in 2017 showed that consuming large amounts of salt causes frequent changes, especially at night. This affects the quality and duration of sleep and can lead to fatigue and irritability. A 25 percent reduction in salt intake has led to a significant reduction in the number of nightly doctor visits.

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